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Certified Quality

We certify our customers’ trust

At Inplasva we are aware of the importance of quality for our customers as a strategic factor in order to compete in the market. For this reason, Inplasva has a laboratory for the research and development of our products where we work in collaboration with our customers, suppliers and various technological institutes.

In addition to the research and development of customised solutions for customers, at Inplasva we carry out strict quality control of the profiles manufactured, which is based on two fundamental pillars: control of the variables of the industrial process and production control.

Inplasva’s Quality Policy

Inplasva S.A., a company dedicated to the extrusion of plastics, has an implemented and certified Management System to ensure that its processes comply with the requirements established in the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard.

The management of Inplasva S.A. is aware of the importance of quality as a strategic factor in the competitiveness of our company and is fully involved in the assurance and continuous improvement of all our processes and products based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard model.

The quality policy establishing the reference framework for implementing and operating the system is as follows:

  • To comply with all legal and regulatory provisions in force.

  • To ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined, to transform them into requirements and achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling these.

  • To create and maintain awareness of all Inplasva, S.A. staff about the importance of complying with customer, legal and regulatory requirements.

  • To periodically establish quality objectives and define the necessary indicators for measuring and monitoring them, and a sign of commitment to continuous improvement.

  • To assign the human resources and technical means required at any given time to implement and improve processes and to accomplish the objectives.

  • Address customer dissatisfaction in the form of claims or complaints with the highest priority and following up on customer satisfaction.

  • To strengthen collaboration with suppliers to increase responsiveness to customers and optimise costs and resources.

  • To promote risk-based thinking to address the weaknesses and strengths of processes so as to achieve the organisation’s targets.

The management of Inplasva S.A. monitors the evolution of the satisfaction of our customers, providing the necessary resources to fulfil these commitments, which must be assumed by the entire organisation. This Quality Policy is a common objective shared by all, and the Management assumes the commitment to update, explain, implement, carry out and monitor compliance with it throughout the company.

Inplasva se encuentra certificada
por AENOR desde 9-12-1997
en la norma UNE EN ISO 9001:2015

We manufacture for you any product or element in PVC
generated by rigid or flexible extrusion.

Camí de la Mota s/n • Polígono Industrial El Racó • 46612 CORBERA (Valencia), Spain.
+34 96 256 03 31

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