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At Inplasva we extrude in rigid or flexible PVC, PP, EVA, PC, etc. and therefore we produce elements for all types of markets whose manufacturing processes coincide with those described. However, our history and experience make us present in a far more significant way in the following markets:


Both for indoor and outdoor use, and with a wide range of our own moulds. Single, double and three-ply profiles, coextrusions, pieces with various finishes and decorations, all of which can be used in kitchen and office furniture, etc.

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Especially for gardens and outdoor areas of houses and buildings, we produce extrusions such as fences, enclosures, enclosures, etc., so that we offer complete solutions for these environments.


We have a wide and varied range of profiles (windows, shutters, latticework, expansion joints, boxes, greenhouses, etc.) as well as designing, developing and producing any specific product you may need.


Rigid and flexible co-extruded parts in various thermoplastics for a wide range of industrial applications. We adapt to the required design and add other services that may be necessary, such as additional handling.

We manufacture for you any product or element in PVC
generated by rigid or flexible extrusion.

Camí de la Mota s/n • Polígono Industrial El Racó • 46612 CORBERA (Valencia), Spain.
+34 96 256 03 31

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